Code, Research, and More.

Hey, I am Huang, Xuan (a.k.a. @huxpro). I worked on the React Team at FacebookMeta.

I considered myself as a hybrid between a software engineer specifically into the programming languages theories and implementations domain (i.e. compiler, type system, type-based formal verification, virtual machine, runtime systems, garbage collection), and a creative technologiest deeply caring about many humanistic aspects (e.g. visual, sound, interaction) in UI and HCI in general.

I also worked on the Hermes JavaScript Engine, some other projects under the Reality Labs (Research), and ReasonML (now ReScript) efforts at Meta (Facebook).

In the past, I worked on Alitrip (Fliggy) mobile and web apps under the Alibaba Group, found and lead front-end infrastructure team at an unicorn startup company Beijing Weiying (a.k.a. WePiao, now acquired by Maoyan), and helped Ele.me (now acquired by Alibaba) to upgrade their mobile web site into the first influential PWA (progressive web app) in China.

I studied BA, Digital Media Art at Communication University of China and MS, Computer Science (with a focus on programming languages, mainly supervised by Prof. Matthew Fluet) at Rochester Institute of Technology.